Miniature Tales


When Rashed moved to a small idyllic village up by the coast, where the sea kissed the mountains, he fell in love with it instantly.
All his fantasies of magic and adventure seem to lie in wait there.
He roamed every inch of the place, with his friends or alone, vowing to discover all the secrets it promised.
Years went by, the cold summer turned to even harsher winters, and Rashed grew up, leaving the dreams behind.
There was no magic to be found in the world, not for him.

But this story is not about him.

It’s about the baby girl, who came into the Rashed household in a warm summer afternoon. Swaddled in the arms of a smiling mother, and an excited father.
The girl, who would weave back the magic.
The girl, who would slay the eternal dragon.
The girl, who would grow up to do fantastic things.

Or maybe none of those nonsense.


She tossed and turned, edging to the end of the bed. And as abrupt as the start of the nightmare, she woke as she tumbled from the bed. A pillow broke her fall. She sighed of relief. “It was just a nightmare. It was so vivid though” She thinks to herself. Then laughs.
Then, she started to get up.
Except, she wouldn’t. She tried harder, ordering all her muscles to help her get up from the floor.
But she couldn’t. She was stuck to the floor like two magnets entwined. The pillow, it was holding her back, locking her in place. She struggled as a pile of pillows avalanched down from the bed on her. And she flailed. She screamed. She flailed. She Screamed. She flailed.
And soon the screams were silenced.


A shroud covered her body now, chitinous and rigid.
Anxious, she asked, “Will I change?”
“Yes, but only for the better.”
A storm of darkness enveloped her, absolute and impenetrable.
Afraid, she queried, “How will I turn out?”
The fortress around her crumbled.
Panicked, she questioned, “Will I forget?”
“You’ll remember what is forgotten. To be free, to be wild.
To fly in the sky.”
“To be a butterfly.”
She broke through her cage and soared towards the clouds, self-assured, undaunted.
She even wondered why she was ever worried at all.

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