The last poetry to my beloved

You’ll be right here in my heart
And my days will go on
Like when we were the one
And too when we’ll be none.
I may have lost the way
That you showed me
I’ll enlighten myself with your light
Though there darkness always might be.

With the passage of time
You came to me
I stopped too
In a nameless bond
We were bound to
I still can everything narrate
Your eyes, your face
The crotchet we did create
The moment – only you and I
How fast time does fly!
Had there the moment that
We were not apart
My heart aches a lot
And holds on to the past
But we are actor
And to act as time does want
To leave the blissful past
And move on to the future.

The wind is super strong
Our unsung song
The dreams we dreamt of
And you – all are lost
Days that we passed.
The path together we walked.

I don’t blame you; even for once
Forgive me; if by chance.
Now I have the world, the sun
Same sky you do belong
Uncertain life – too long
Don’t grieve for me
You may find me
In your hidden memory
If I come in your thought
Don’t look back to that
I’m no longer in your story
Nor do cry
My beloved I bade you bye.

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সেশন: ২০১৮- ১২০১৯