Life in Statistical Language

#Life Function

#It is considered as the biggest function in the world.

The function is denoted by L(Mind) or L(M) where Mind(M) is the variable and defined in various ways.

Here, we consider the simplest form of the life function:

L(M)=SM+HM+PM+WM; where, S=sadness; H=happiness; P=patience; W=wish; M=mind;   S, H, P and W are the parameters of the life function.

Now, let’s consider some situations when, P is not equal to 0 and P < ∞ and S < ∞, then Mind(M) ~ Standard Normal Peace Distribution. Every mind wants to follow this distribution. But most of the time, they fail. When, P=0 then Mind(M) ~ Trouble Distribution. So, we can say, “Patience is the most important parameter for life function”.

If S=0, L(M) is the most beautiful function. But in real life sadness(S) can never be zero. If wish(W) tends to ∞ and Patience (P) -> 0, L(M) is more difficult a function. The Range of life function is [0, Luck]. where, Luck=any positive real number.

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