Jute Poly Bag: New Era of Reviving Jute and Reducing Polythene

At present we can’t think of a single day without using polythene. But it is very harmful for us. When the world is anxious about ecological impact of polyethene and polypropylene bags; right then people are going to get a solution for it from Bangladesh. Now it’s time to say NO  to polythene. It sounds crazy!


Yes, it’s true, Bangladeshi Scientist Invented Bio plastic jute poly bag which is made from Jute!! Which is able enough to replace plastic polybag.

What is Jute Polybag?


The Jute poly bags or Sonali bags- bags made off of jute polymers, are 100 percent biodegradable and capable of your everyday polyethylene bags for a more eco-friendly and responsible lifestyle. The bio plastic jute bags are entirely recyclable. After buried in soil, within three months, the decomposition process starts.

Who invented it?


Bangladeshi scientist Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan who has been researching since 1990 to make and use Jute’s business uses and potential outcomes invented a biodegradable and eco-friendly bag from jute cellulose, which is being considered to have great potential in replacing plastic bags. The scientist calls it ‘’Sonali Bag’’. Sonali is the Bengali word for “golden” and, locally, Jute is called golden fiber. Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan, currently acting as the Chief Scientific Officer at Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, took six years to accomplish the process.

History behind the invention of Jute poly bag


Several times many biodegradable and eco-friendly bags have been inaugurated all over the world but not endured due to valorization. This time Bangladeshi scientist Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan, presently working as scientific advisor of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) and former Chief Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission invented a biodegradable and eco-friendly bag from jute cellulose which is being considered as a great achievement for Bangladesh. So far no official name is given to this bag but soon a proposal will be given to the ministries to name it as ‘Sonali Bag’.

As the item is recently innovated and still in the production phase, the details of usefulness, customer acceptance, quality of the product, and final production capacities to meet the demand; are still in the process.

Uses of jute poly bag


The jute poly bag has the power of replacing polythene. So it can be used in various purpose.

  • It could be used in garments packaging.
  • The bags also can be used for food packaging.
  • Dr. Khan is further working on it to extend the use to cover ice-cream.
  • Packaging red gram, rice, sugar and even preserve milk products for a long time; so that there will be no contamination or quality problem.

Over all it is a great invention of science which can save the earth from pollution and also can save lives from danger.

A Quote from Dr. Mubarak Ahmad khan:

শিক্ষার্থী | পরিসংখ্যান বিভাগ, ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়