What is life or Fibonacci

What is life actually? By the Holy books, a fantastic gift from Creator. All play a role as actor of any script. How will it be possible to play an unknown role in an unknown situation this much astonishingly? Is it a Fibonacci Sequence? Maybe it is…

As Fibonacci sequence life also starts from zero (in human society it’s called birth) upto infinite terms (commonly known as death). In simple words of Mathematics, Fibonacci sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceeding ones.

0  1   1   2   3   5   8   13   21…

It’s an increasing sequence of life span. The current digit is greater than the previous one. From the third digit mainly, the sequence starts in mathematics as well as human being. People who live one moment more, gather one more experience and learn one more step to lead a comfortable life. In

sequence 0,1 represents birth and initial life span. Then gradually comes a looping process from the 3rd number in Mathematics but it  is considered as challenges in human life.

If we take the right decision our lives in the next few moments will be happier. If our decisions taken come null, we have to lead some moments with sadness, anxiety. Isn’t it similar to the Fibonacci series?  The ultimate result depends on the previous. When we consider 1+1=2 as happiness, it must depend on the right decision. But later there comes 3, the next decision may not be right for our lives. So, we have to lead 3 with sadness. After that span of life, man want to lead a happy moment again and carefully take next decision comparing with previous; so, they take 5 for happiness. As number increases in Fibonacci sequence life span also increases and gather new more moments, success, failure. And by this life consist of happiness, sadness,

happiness, sadness sequence. Whatever happens in life, we have to survive for happiness, overcome all our sadness for being happy and lead a peaceful life. By this can’t we say,  ‘L’ stands for love, ‘I’ for infinite, ‘F’ for fix and ‘E’ for everything. So, life means love infinitely, fix everything.

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