The Desert Journey

It was arid in the desert, very, very hot. We were smart, though. I shielded myself, while Elizabeth, one of my companions, was hooded to protect herself from the sun. Adam, my second partner, was of Egyptian descent, so the heat of the terrain didn’t bother him. However, we were walking, not traveling on an animal’s back. We didn’t even have a motorized vehicle, for goodness’ sake. My thought during the journey was, “I should’ve brought Ellie.” But I left my precious, favorite elephant back in the kingdom just in case.

We made the journey worthwhile, each of us carrying a bag of supplies. Some hours later, we stopped to rest at a desert village. They seemed interested in us and offered us accommodation in an empty house. It was pretty good; it had three bedrooms, a lavish kitchen, a bathroom, and other stuff fit for a rich family if not royalty. We settled in, trading our supplies for better ones in case they wore out. What was even more helpful was when a convoy of merchants came to trade resources with us. As they were about to leave, I asked if we could hitch a ride to the next village as well, for we had some business there. A few of them were suspicious and didn’t want to let us, but the leader and a couple of others seemed fine with it. Besides, they’d acquired a couple of extra camels through trading. Of course, our story was true anyway. Our plan required us to stop at the next village and get some supplies, then half the journey to the next one, we’d dismount and walk five to ten meters to our location, the pyramids. Adam, who was an expert at Egyptian magic, would guide us through and lead us to the treasure. Then, assuming we managed to hide what we looted, we’d get to another settlement, sneak off to a secluded area, and teleport home. Elizabeth was there in case we got into a skirmish or two, but I doubted that her magic would work in such a dry area. Nevertheless, the plan was a good one. We could have teleported directly to the pyramid, of course, but Adam insisted that we take the trek.

As we travelled, I saw that the desert wasn’t as barren as it looked. There were a couple of palm trees growing, and Elizabeth informed me, “I sense water down below. If these merchants give us any trouble throughout the journey, they’ll feel the wrath of the ocean!” Thankfully, there wasn’t any trouble, though it almost looked like there was going to be some, judging from the expressions of some people. When we reached the village, we picked up some more things, along with our very own camels. We were delighted. These camels were healthy and ready for a long journey. We arrived at the pyramids and started raiding them, not leaving a single object behind. Then we teleported home, leaving the camels behind at the village. We would go back and conquer it later. Little did we know, we were not the only ones seeking to take over the wealth of the Desert Sands.

Student | Keiraville Public School, Wollongong, NSW, Australia