Radioactive Vengeance: Mecha Mayhem

Chapter One
Royal Visit

Ted was taking a stroll in his beautiful and luxurious garden, with his faithful pet, Howler at his heels. He just couldn’t think of anything to invent; after that shocking encounter with Arnold, he was quite discouraged. ‘‘Woof!’’ barked Howler comfortingly. He always knew when his master was upset. ‘‘You think so, Howler? I mean, I’ve done everything I could for mankind. Now Arnold’s taking the spotlight,’’ said Ted in a dismal voice. Howler whimpered. Ted sighed. “Oh well! Perhaps I don’t have anything to do, but life’s still how it should be; peaceful and unchanged. And I have you, don’t I, Howler?’’ he replied, affectionately petting him. “Woof, woof!” barked the dog happily. “Come on, let’s hop on the H-C 3000 and see what’s the latest! We might visit our temporary base as well!” the inventor told him ecstatically. After putting on their gear and taking some weapons (“You never know what’s coming, especially after that encounter!”), they got on board and left. As they were travelling, Ted put on some music, a new function of the Hover-Cycle. It was one of his favourites, Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Krutch. They were having a lot of fun, especially considering the fact that people saw the H-C and demanded autographs. Soon, however, the crowd dispersed when the President himself arrived, escorted by his own personal guard. All was well, until a boy pointed out the H-C to him. The President was intrigued and ordered Ted and Howler to land. Ted obeyed and landed. He walked straight over to him and shook hands. “Well, hello there, inventor! What’s your name? Nice dog there, by the way!” the President boomed imperiously. “ My name’s Ted, sir, and this is my dog, Howler,’’ stated Ted formally. “Woof,” barked Howler solemnly as he raised a paw for the President to shake. “What a perfectly trained dog! And quite a paw-sitive attitude as well! Ho ho ho ho!” he laughed as he shook paws with Howler. “Sir,” Ted asked, “what brings you here? I mean, it’s an honour to have you, but it’s not every day you visit the city! There must be something special going on!” The President chuckled. “Oh, who else but you brought me here! I was looking for you. There are….. some services I require of you. And call me Thomas, by the way! It is a great honour to meet you, even for me!” “Thank you, sir. I hope I can help out in some way,” insisted Ted, bowing. “Oh, I insist!” Thomas responded. Saying so, he and the soldiers saluted him in unison. After a moment of silence, Ted asked if he and the President should go back to the latter’s mansion using the H-C 3000, as they obviously didn’t want any journalists around, and that too, the mansion would be a long way away. Thomas accepted the offer, but was a bit sceptical about Ted’s machine, and he would have liked driving his car with the army escorting him, but nonetheless, he got on.

When they reached the mansion, there were two guards waiting at the entrance. Ted was quite intrigued and inquired if he could take a tour of the luxurious building. Ted and Howler agreed to quickly show him around before doing business. A while later, he and Ted sat on some sofas, while Howler snuggled up beside Ted’s feet. “So,” began the former, “let’s get to business, shall we?” “Yes, of course,” replied Ted, “what do you ask of me?” Thomas took a deep breath. “Well….. it’s like this. Yesterday some miners found some radioactive material buried in the ground, along with some unused uranium. And I’m guessing you’ve nothing to do?” he asked. “That’s correct, sir,’’ confirmed Ted, “I don’t have any inventions to display; I lead an ordinary life with Howler.” “Well, how would you like it if I gave it to you to use in an invention? Of course, considering that Arnold is out and about in the city, perhaps it would be best if you tightened your security a little? Be careful, however! It is radioactive after all!” he jubilantly offered. Ted thought about it. He didn’t have any invention in mind, yet he now had the ability to make use of nuclear energy! Though it was a big risk: nuclear energy was NOT safe, clean or cheap; rather, it itself is quite hazardous. “Very well,” Ted replied, though he knew Arnold would get wind of the matter. They (including Howler, of course) went outside, got on the H-C 3000 and set off. If the President himself desired him, things were about to get quite interesting. Of course, he would probably receive royal rewards! However, finding radioactive material was a serious issue. They had to be careful, for if it fell into the wrong hands… Ted decided not to worry until he arrived.

Chapter Two
A Stunning Discovery

They reached the President’s abode. It was stunning, with all the luxury you could imagine! Ted however, was unconcerned about that. What he was concerned about was the radioactive material. That’s why he and Howler were wearing radiation-proof gear; they wanted to be cautious considering how deadly the material is. As they went inside, Ted could hear his stomach growling. He and Howler were starving! Thomas noticed this and took them to the dining table, saying: “Don’t worry, lunch is coming within a moment!” True to his word, a grand feast was set on the table, along with dog food for Howler. “The best, high-quality dog food from the best brand! Howler will be very sleek and shiny, and strong too!” jubilantly boomed the monarch. Howler whined and gave him a very reproachful look. “What?” asked Thomas, confused at the look being given to him, “this is the best I could give you, considering that you’re a dog!” Howler gave Ted a look that said: “This is the worst insult I could receive, but I’m controlling my temper. Knock some sense into him, Master! He’s gone mad!” “Easy, Howler! I know how you feel, but give the man some respect. Why don’t you eat the dog food first, then I’ll arrange for some more food for you,’’ whispered Ted. Then he turned towards the President and explained the whole thing. “The thing is, Thomas, I always feed him the best food I can give. He always considers dog food to be beneath him. Don’t worry, he will eat it, but perhaps you could give him some more food to his tastes, like sausage and ham sandwiches and a couple of bones?” “As you wish!” replied Thomas enthusiastically and left the table. After a while, he returned and placed down the feast of a dog’s dreams. Howler was so pleased that he jumped up and started licking Ted and Thomas non-stop. “Okay, okay, we got it, Howler. Now, let’s dig in!” Ted said. “Of course!” replied the President. For a while they ate in silence. The food was delicious. Then, Thomas spoke. “So, what are your plans for an invention? Considering the fact that Arnold is out and about, maybe it’s time to make some military machines?” Ted thought before replying, “I don’t think so. After all, that deal I struck with him should keep him busy with his own affairs! But it is a good idea. Maybe I should think about it.” “It would also be beneficial in case of a war; the defence department would give you a lot of funding in exchange!” replied Thomas. “What, you’re suggesting I become a government business? No chance!” retorted Ted. “Not like what you’re suggesting! You could make your own business, and people would buy your inventions; the government would be your best customers, and a whole lot of money would pour into the economy; can’t you see how it would benefit the country?!” Ted thought some more (he was always the quiet type) before replying, “Yes, well, money isn’t that much of a big deal for me. My inventions being safe are far more important.” After eating, they left the table, stomachs full. “That, my friend, is what I would call a first-class meal!” announced Thomas jubilantly. Howler barked in agreement. “Now then, it’s time I fulfil my end of the deal and give you the radioactive material; however, be careful, it is dangerous!” Thomas reminded him. As he was saying this, Ted was deep in thought. They had talked about military usage, and as they were talking Ted suddenly had a great invention in mind; one that would definitely come in handy in defence. “Sir, may I propose an idea?” asked Ted. “You may,’’ replied Thomas. “I was thinking, if I could build a mech. It would be armoured, tough, with sufficient storage and can hit hard. And of course, it would have space for a pet, if you have one.” described Ted. The President was intrigued. “Strong, powerful and capable of protection, eh?” Thomas considered the offer. It was a good one. “As long as you make one for me!” “Of course, sir. I will,’’ replied Ted. “Well then, follow me!” Ted and Howler put on their gear and followed. Thomas led them towards a seriously high-tech safe that only one man could’ve made: Ted’s father, Simon, who was a great inventor. However, one fateful day, Ted and his father were out for a stroll when they were ambushed by a notorious gang of murderers. Simon managed to hold them off as much as he could, but to no avail. As he lay dead, Ted swore that he would carry on his father’s legacy, and, if possible, avenge him. Ever since, the criminals were wanted, but they always seem to escape justice. “Not this time!” thought Ted to himself. There was another thing. Before the murder, Simon and his family were closely acquainted with the President’s. The games Ted had with the President’s son, Thomas……… Ted was dumbstruck. “Th-Thomas?!?!”

Chapter 3
An Old Acquaintance

“Ho ho ho!” chuckled Thomas, amused by his friend’s shock. “I see you’ve remembered, Ted, old buddy! It’s been a long time since we met! I would’ve visited you, of course, but I was too busy. As the President, I have a lot of duties. I don’t suppose you thought about me?”
“I, too, was very busy, Thomas. And after being kidnapped by Arnold, I was a little depressed. Of course, Howler helped reduce that depression, didn’t you, boy?’’ added Ted. Howler leapt up and licked Ted ecstatically. “I am glad. I was shocked when I heard of that incident, though we know from experience that Arnold can be a bit…cuckoo,” replied Thomas solemnly. After a long pause, Ted broke the silence. “Say, Thomas, shall we open Dad’s safe and see what you’ve stored inside?” he asked. Thomas stepped aside and said: “Do the honours.” Ted and Thomas were the only ones who knew how to open the safe. Though Arnold was a playmate as well, they decided not to tell him. Only they knew. Ted stepped forward, carefully doing all the procedures, and opened it up with a swing. “Marvellous!” remarked Thomas in a very jolly mood. Inside were thousands of awards and top-secret plans as well as old but carefully preserved blueprints for inventions Simon would have made if he hadn’t died. Ted was speechless. “Ah, yes!” Thomas said, “These blueprints are yours to inherit! They’re quite complicated, but given your intellectual capability and a knack for inventing, I’m absolutely sure this won’t bother you a bit!” “I owe you, Thomas,” Ted replied hoarsely. “Oh, and by the way, do you remember the secret compartments?” Thomas inquired curiously. “Yes, I do. Shall I?” asked Ted formally. Thomas bowed and said nothing. Ted opened the left compartment and gasped. He couldn’t believe his eyes. In the compartment was everything they owned, minus the furniture, including— “Dog treats?” asked Ted confusedly. “Did you forget your own dog?” Thomas questioned, raising an eyebrow. “ You mean Howler?” Ted asked, unsure of what he was talking about. “No! I meant Bastian, your greyhound! Remember?” replied Thomas. “Oh, yeah! I remember now! How is he?” asked Ted excitedly. However, he was worriedly thinking, “How will Howler react when Bastian’s introduced?!” “He’s perfect, though he’s tired of only seeing me and the butler nowadays. Perhaps he would be a bit more lively if he met his young master again!” chuckled Thomas. Howler gave Ted a very reproachful look that said “You had a dog before me and you didn’t even mention it?! How dare you! Why, in the name of the Holy Wolf did you bother to train me?! Oh, woe betide me!” “Don’t look at me like that, pal! I would’ve told you if I remembered! Besides, I’m sure that you and Bastian will become great friends. You’ll see!” Ted felt the need to defend himself before he could feel guilty about it. Thomas summoned the butler and ordered him to bring out Bastian. A moment later, one very bored and woebegone-looking Bastian trudged out. Ted called out to him and held out a hand. “Bastian! Here, boy! It’s me, Ted! Don’t you remember your old friend?” Bastian’s ears perked up. Was it… No, it couldn’t be. But it was! Ted! It had been such a long time since Ted was little… The games they played… The adventures they had… The loss they had grieved… Bastian was always by Ted’s side, until the family moved temporarily to recover. His days with Thomas were quite boring. Bastian thought he had no hope. But now, his master had returned, minus his mistress. It was too good to be true. However, he had seen the dog beside him. Who was he? A friend or foe? His master was calling out to him once more. That confident, friendly voice…… It always brought out the playful puppy in him. He barreled towards his young master, pounced……… Ted found himself knocked over and being licked incessantly by Bastian. His dog, it seemed, had unwavering loyalty towards his master. Howler watched for a moment, then, unable to resist, joined in the fun. Ted now had two dogs joyfully barking and slobbering over him. “Okay, okay! I got it! You two can stop now!” he told them. They got up, and started sniffing each other curiously, as if they wanted to know who the other dog was. Ted, meanwhile, stood aside with Michael and mopped the dog drool off himself. “Those two are licky dogs!” commented Ted. “From the way they’re sniffing each other, I think they’ll be excellent comrades!” replied Thomas. And indeed, it seemed as if they were, for they stopped taking in each other’s scents and barked approvingly at one another. Then, as if they were one, both dogs turned in unison towards Ted, raced over to him, and begged him to pet them. Ted sighed, knelt down and gave them a scratch between the ears. Having enjoyed a moment of luxury, the duo turned towards Thomas and gave him extreme looks of disdain. Thomas hung his head and averted his eyes sadly. “I know. I’m a complete failure as a dog owner. They’re right to make me feel ashamed of myself!” moaned Thomas miserably. Ted comfortingly patted him on the back. “Don’t get upset, Thomas! Canines have different needs and desires from us humans. They may have felt offended by their treatment, or food, or felt bored. You should try cats,” suggested Ted. “You’re right, Ted. I will. It’ll probably be for the best, given that cats have their own methods of amusing themselves when left to their own devices!” replied Thomas, reassured by the friendly advice. Bastian barked twice, reminding Ted of an important matter they had been talking about, but had gotten distracted from. “I say, Thomas, haven’t we talked long enough? We’ve strayed from the issue at hand! The radioactive materials! You still haven’t shown me the uranium, have you?!” exclaimed Ted. “Ah, right! Thanks for reminding us, Bastian! The uranium might be in the right compartment, though, Ted, I must say, when I was given it by the miners, it felt…… funny.”
“What do you mean, funny?” asked Ted suspiciously. “Well,” replied Thomas thoughtfully, “When I received the material, it didn’t have that bright glow that proved it was radioactive. I asked if it was a fake, they replied that as it had just come out of the ground, it wouldn’t glow yet. It would later. Also, when I felt it, it made a crackling sound, just like aluminium! And it was sharp!” Ted was deep in thought. Crackling noise? Glowless? Sharp? Miners giving an excuse? It’s definitely a fake. It’s not even uranium. Probably just a ball of aluminium. Maybe something’s in there, but it’s just a guess. Then Ted replied, “The miners didn’t give you the real thing, Thomas. It’s a green ball of aluminium, dyed that way to fool you. I’m surprised you fell for that! Also, if it was uranium, it would have been glowing even having just come out of the ground.” Thomas hung his head sheepishly. “I knew about the glow. But I assumed it had just come out of the ground, so I believed them. They’re miners, after all. Who else would know about the underground better than them?” “Arnold and I would, but a fair point,” conceded Ted. He opened the right compartment, and found a green ball of aluminium inside. He handed it over to Thomas, who opened it up and found a note addressed to him from the miners. Here’s what it said: “You may be the President, but you’re quite gullible! Did you really think we’d give you such valuable itemst for free? Give us money, and only then will we hand it over. If not…. Let’s just say that there are others who would utilise it well. You have forty-eight hours.” Silence. “That’s……… awkward,” commented Ted. Thomas was shaking furiously but silent. Ted had a look at the note again, and felt as if he was stabbed in the heart. The handwriting…… it was that of the murderers. He knew that because he had seen it once, in his childhood. They were going to make a victim of someone big, like Michael. But……. How could the miners be them?! He decided to keep quiet for now. The president, however, was shaking in utmost fury. “They’re threatening to give the uranium to someone else unless I pay them! What do they think they are?! Doesn’t their manager pay them, or is he in this as well? Do you have ANY idea how much uranium would COST, and how dangerous it is in the wrong hands?!?!?!” “I surmise that it would cost between a hundred thousand and a million dollars at best, and a hundred million at worst, but that is no cause for alarm. You might need to take some money out from the treasury, but I would suggest that you take it from the bank, disguising yourself. There would be an uproar if you were to go to the bank as the President,” advised Ted in the calmest voice he could muster, which was pretty good, by the way. Michael grinned. Ted was an expert in disguises, and would bet his mansion that Ted had a Disguise-O-Tron 3000 somewhere or another. “In that case, let’s head back towards your mansion, as we don’t have any time to lose!” The four (given Bastian was Ted’s to take care of) boarded the Hover-Cycle and set off for Ted’s mansion.

Chapter 4
The Disguise

They arrived at the mansion a couple of minutes later. As they walked in, Mrs. Lloyd, a housekeeper, warmly greeted them and took Thomas’ coat, as well as Ted and Howler’s gear. Thomas was led through many corridors before Ted halted before a door engulfed in shadow. He brought out a tab controlling the house, turned on the hall lights, had his fingerprints and profile scanned, and entered Thomas’ ID as well before entering. Ted, always the clever idealist, told his friend that he planned to make some more tweaks to the locks and security system as they went in. Ted manually flicked a switch and the room lights went on. Thomas was dumbfounded at the sight of the many inventions waiting to be used. He could make a fortune selling them! Ted navigated through the arrays of inventions until they reached the Disguise-o-matic 3000. It was the largest invention he had ever seen, with all sorts of disguises in it. Thomas decided to dress like one of the rich, well-to-do citizens. However, they had to walk to the bank, which would be a pain. Thankfully, Ted had prepared for the journey. Plus, it would be good for Thomas to walk, as it would be good exercise for him. After leashing Bastian and Howler, as well as taking plenty of water, they set off.

Chapter 5
The Walk

They had travelled a couple of miles away from the mansion. The dogs were getting exhausted, so they stopped to get a drink of water before continuing on. Ted checked the map. “It appears that we’re on Bayside Ave, which means that we’re close. You have planned carefully, haven’t you?” he asked, concernedly. They really needed this to work out to get the uranium back, or it would be an international mess. Thomas gave him a haughty look, and said, “Well, of course I did. I’m not as stupid as they say!” It appeared he was still mad about the note written by the miners. “They just said that to taunt you. Don’t fall for it,” Ted soothed as they arrived at the bank. “We’ve arrived. Get everything ready.” Thomas nodded. He was prepared. He went in confidently, while Ted and the dogs waited outside, the former hoping against hope that the ruse worked. It all depended on Thomas; how good he was at making a plan come to life, as is one of the skills of a politician. And if this did work out, once he got the material ready… he’d set to work, creating the most powerful war machine ever known to man: the Giga-Mech. And he definitely would avenge his father, if he got the chance… or rather, when. Just then, as he finished his line of thought, Thomas came out smiling, waving the money enthusiastically. “Got it! Now let’s go. We still have time!” Ted agreed. With the money came the uranium, and then the money would come back as well. He suspected that they would have some plutonium as well, which would be even better for the mech. Then he quickly came out of his reverie and motioned for Thomas and the dogs to follow him back to the mansion. This time, the plan had changed. Ted and Thomas would show their true selves, and seize the material. They would come and go on the Hover-Cycle, and after the Giga-Mech was complete, they would pursue the murderers (Ted explained his suspicions to him), and they did something illegal, or if they were hatching a plan that wasn’t to their liking, Ted would strike.

Ted brought out his pad and called Arnold, who, for some reason, didn’t respond. Thomas’ brows creased in confusion. “Why are you calling him? He isn’t vital to the mission, is he?” “He will be, once we get the uranium back. Oh, never mind, let’s go get the material. We’ll worry about him later,” tossed out Ted impatiently, frustrated at his failed attempts to communicate with Arnold. “Come on.” The motley crew ( Ted, Thomas and the two dogs) got on the Hover-Cycle and departed for Digger Inc headquarters, Digger Inc being the name of the mining company.

Chapter 6
A Second Shock

It took them an hour to arrive at their destination. But they had more than ten hours left in hand, so no rush. And fortunately for them, one of the miners, dressed in a hoodie, navy trousers, black boots and a helmet was waiting for them. As he saw the face of the individual, he flinched and took a step back in shock. It was none other than Arnold. “Wh-What are you doing here?!” asked Ted, overwhelmed. Today had been full of surprises, but this one was terrific. “Shh!” hissed Arnold. “I’ve been waiting for you. You were lucky that they put me in charge of negotiating. Here, take the uranium and give me the money. I’ll forge bills of the same type and quantity and I’ll give you back the money once I’m done. Thankfully, these guys don’t know the difference between real objects and fakes. You could say they’re strong but stupid!” Saying so, he went over to a wagon in which metal cylinders were stored and dragged it over to the group. He also handed over an MP5 equipped with a silencer and a revolver decorated with a design of roses. He also gave him some ammo, and spare, broken down parts that could possibly be useful. Ted put on his gear and carefully examined one of the cylinders. There were symbols warning people to examine it with caution. A tag confirmed that the material inside was both uranium and plutonium. He looked at Arnold questioningly. He shrugged and said, “I decided to do some extra mining and see what I find. And I got plutonium.” “I see,” nodded Ted. “In that case, get to work with the forgery. We’ll do the rest. Be on standby.” Arnold saluted them, then headed back to the building. They hopped back on the Hover-Cycle and went back the way they came.


After the journey, Ted left Thomas and the dogs in the sitting room as he entered the workshop and shut the door behind him. The room was full of shelves, tools for inventing, chemicals, substances, materials, etc. Ted immediately set to business, working with a frenzy he had never experienced before. Yet he continued, pouring his heart into it. Within hours it was done: the Giga-Mech was complete, standing straight and tall before his eyes. Ted’s eyes shone with pride; he wouldn’t let his father’s sacrifice go to waste. The time had come, the time for vengeance. He opened the door and dragged the robot suit behind him. When Thomas saw it, his jaw dropped seeing the size of the mech. Howler and Bastian, on the other hand, congratulated him by standing on their hind legs and licking him. Thomas, his eyes wide with shock, asked him, “Are you going to murder them in cold blood?!” “Incorrect,” replied Ted frostily. “Rather, I’m going to utterly destroy them and avenge my father. I only need you to keep this quiet for us.’’ Saying so, he went back in and started making robot suits for the dogs. Thomas was horrified realising what he had gotten into. He couldn’t just let Ted murder people at will! However, those people killed Ted’s father, and thus, Ted had taken an oath on his father’s soul that when he grew up, he would avenge him. Thomas had to let him follow through, as he understood how important it was to him. Arnold had also promised to help Ted achieve his goal. If this leaked out to the public, Thomas was sure to be removed from being President. He had to keep this quiet at any cost. Just as he finished his thought, Ted came out with the suits and helped the dogs into them. “Are you going out to battle that soon?” Thomas asked him. Ted turned around and gruffly replied, “Yes, I am. You can head back to your mansion now. This task is mine to perform.” He and the dogs in their robot suits left, Ted dragging his suit behind him.

Chapter 7
Explosive Revenge

Outside, Ted opened the hatch of the suit and got in. It was warm and comfortable inside; moreover, Ted could control its every movement and function as he desired. He sent a radio wave to Arnold telling him to get ready and rendezvous with him near Digger Inc. Then he motioned to the dogs to follow him and began the journey. Green flames shot out from his boots and he rose up into the air. Oh, he was going to massacre them; this skirmish would be recorded in the history books later in the future.
They arrived at the building and as planned, Arnold met them with his own Hover-Cycle. “Ready?” Ted asked. “Let’s do this!” replied Arnold, his eyes gleaming with anticipation and an equally murderous light. “You go spy on them. If you hear them making a plan, listen to it, and then come back and tell us. We’ll strike then,” ordered Ted. Arnold nodded and left. The dogs growled, understanding their duty and what task their master had set them. “Yes, today is the day of reckoning. Those outlaws will pay for what they’ve done!,” Ted whispered to them, trying to inspire confidence in them. Bastian howled in reply. Another hour later, Arnold returned and gave him the information. “Very well then. Let’s go.” Ted commanded. Arnold led them to the place the criminals were planning in, Ted soundlessly shot into the air and led the charge, with Arnold and the dogs following behind. As they sighted the miners, Arnold shot at them with a hunting rifle, causing a ruckus and killing a miner, while Ted held out his robotic hand and shot lasers at them. The gang were at first taken aback by the ambush, then were enraged at the sight of Arnold betraying them and shooting one of his own. They drew their own weapons and fought back, but Ted brought himself in front of their way of fire, deflecting the bullets. Arnold hid behind him, and sniped them while Ted unleashed volleys of destruction on them; firing missiles, lasers and bullets non-stop. In the midst of the chaos, Howler and Bastian took their chance, pounced on two unwary miners and tore them to bits. There was now only one criminal left, whose knees gave way in fright as Ted towered over him. With anger, he raised his fist and drove it into the man’s gut as he growled, “This blow is for my father, Simon Hughes, one of your helpless victims whom you ruthlessly murdered without remorse. And now it seems as if your comrades have suffered the same fate. So will you!” The last of the miners was dead, and Ted successfully had vengeance as he had promised. He was now discharged from his duty. After he and Arnold shook hands wearily, both of them exhausted, they trudged home with a slight feeling of satisfaction.


The next morning, Ted woke up to a shining, sunny day. He dressed, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast and went to check the post. There was a letter from Thomas, which said that a new police station and hospital had been built, and it was his wish that Ted would come to inaugurate and name them if he so desired. Ted nodded to himself, leashed the dogs, hopped on the Hover-Cycle in a good mood, saying hi to the housekeeper as he left.
As he arrived at the coordinates Thomas sent him, he saw the two large buildings barred by a red ribbon. The people were tense, expecting a surprise any moment now. Thomas subtly winked at him while he spoke to the audience. Ted got the signal and listened to his speech while hovering in the air. He also saw Arnold on his H-C 3000 hovering beside him and smiling. When he heard Thomas introducing them saying, “Now I welcome my dear childhood friend, Ted Hughes, who is also renowned as a master inventor, scientist, and physicist, like his late father, Simon Hughes, who has been recently avenged as per Ted’s vow. It is unsettling that he had to witness that tragic incident when he was a child, but time and history cannot be reversed or changed. He shall receive the Nobel Prize for his latest invention, the Giga-Mech. It was used during the Battle of Digger Inc. and is a little dented. It is currently undergoing minor repairs back in Ted’s garage. He also has two loyal dogs, one of which was Ted’s father’s canine and was under my care for a short period of time before being reunited with his young master. We also have Arnold Monkshood, another inventor and a skilled miner. He helped Ted to achieve victory in that terrible skirmish, and contributed to Australia’s economy by digging up gold, precious jewels, and assisted its defence by uncovering two minerals with radioactive properties: uranium and plutonium. He will also receive a national prize from me today. Give them a hearty round of applause!” At that moment, the duo and dogs swooped down and did two victory air laps while showering confetti on the people. They then jumped down from their vehicles and waved at the audience. Ted received a gold medal and a trophy, while Arnold just received an identical medal to Ted’s. The Nobel scientist named the station the Simon Hughes National Police Department (SHNPD) after his father, and the hospital officially became the Australian National Medical Clinic (ANMC). Ted was handed a pair of golden scissors, and he cut the red ribbons. The people cheered joyfully for Ted and Arnold, the new heroes of society. Things were going to change with them around, and in a good way. Little did they know how good it would be for them, seeing as Ted was already planning another adventure in his mind. He would have to lay low for a couple of days, though, so as not to excite them too much.

Student | Keiraville Public School, Wollongong, NSW, Australia