Ultimate Acceptance

I am again thinking. These thoughts have been thought for years and I am here to dig out my own wormy version. 

I am not sure about others but I stay with like-minded people most of the time. I am wondering to what extent that like-mindedness can go. How will I act when I am with a duplicate version of myself? Let’s say, I am in a room with 10 duplicates of me. How will I react? Will I be happy? I think the first few minutes is going to be a little awkward and embarrassing. We will make sure to take care of each others emotions and what not. But I cannot imagine us surviving  further down the line. I think we will die. We will not be able to handle ourselves. It will be too much. We know each other so well, our flaws, our needs, etc. We will look at ourselves and our pathetic-meter will reach so high that it will touch the sun or reach the heavens. We will surely die mentally and that will torture our physical body so much that it will not be able to handle the same sensations oozing from ourselves. Our bodies will inevitably collapse from the brain damage. This is how it will end. We don’t use physical force to kill ourselves after all. Our mental fortitude will be enough. We have so much self-hatred. This is why Carl Jung said, 

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” 

I want to see what happens when I 100% accept myself. But will that ever happen? Will I die out of happiness at that moment? Or will it reveal to me the ultimate secret of life?  

I don’t know but I am curious. 

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