Dreaming in the treetops

Thick grey clouds hover in the sky. Not exactly clouds but they look like clouds. Bowl of smoke of the odorous breaths of the humid city circling like wind and turbine become ready to snap any healthy human’s soft pink lungs any moment. Lungs that are already battered by ear- ringing hammers of past traumas. In this inescapable thick liminal space ,these humans lie bare on the ground. Piling on top of other lungs after lungs after infinite lungs enmeshed in the bare ground. The lungs gravity pulled the bare ground into a groove. Pushing further and further into the wasted dimension of space.
Maha has these elaborate dreams where she is just a piece of lung with other lungs in space. She hates them. She longs to see a blue sky and breathe freely without the forever mask she has on their face.
Currently, two thirds of people on the planet reside in floating homes, but the other third cannot afford them. The cost of them is rising steadily. Thus, these sick people reside on a territory that is densely populated and covered in many levels of infrastructure. Maha and her family, along with many others, have made the decision to live in tree houses as a result of the land becoming less and less available over time. Since they are not pricey, they are not the most comfortable or civilised of places.
Maha’s father was named the leader of the Tree House because he has fought to save trees and cut down on carbon emissions. To generate electricity, they make use of solar energy. Additionally, Maha’s father is currently pushing for the other families that live in tree houses to eat more nutrient-dense insects, and to raise them without keeping any more sheep or cows. He is doing a great deal to make sure these people are as comfortable as possible.
Maha’s dreams become less elaborate with misfortunes. She dreams in green space with buzzing insects.

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