December Winter

December winter came with another blunder.
This time I can say that my cognate reveries broke their boundaries,
And turned my reality into a nightmare.
It’s funny that you can’t tell when it’s the last day of summer!
But I thought winter would be kinder this year.
The stars whispered that I should have let the smog wall cover me all around.
Now my subconscious mind is at its worst
Turning my silent prayers into a curse.
I kept looking for a time machine to make my days go on reverse.
My broken dreams got mixed with the smog,
Made it harder to take a stroll.
Isn’t anyone else scared that their memories will get mixed with this smog
And winter rain will make them fall down?
Then I’ll try to keep my hands warm and let my heart turn cold.
This city bearing too much pain can never sleep
And now neither can I.
But the last days of December winter brought sunset roses
And a long coat to cover up my bruises.

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