I don’t believe in signs

Life seems easy if you are trapped in a dream,
Wake up from this illusion,
And you will wish to go back to sleep.
And life seemed easy when I believed in certain signs,
That time, it seemed like a rainbow through the white clouds high.
And it seemed easy until everything got changed.
It isn’t like the fairy tales I thought would be staged.
Then I said, “I don’t believe in signs,
I don’t believe in the shooting star
That I once hoped would dazzle the Northern sky”.
It might have gotten better,
Or my attention was drawn to something else.
And the heart, it suddenly started pumping sorrows coloured red.
Then I made a mistake soon,
Hoped it would turn into something good.
And I said, “I won’t believe in signs,
Not until you assure me this time your signs won’t lie!”
But it is like sandstorms circling me all the time,
Would there be any solution at all?
Or is it just me who cannot see through?
And I am fumbling labyrinth,
Solving every riddle, you ask me,
But you keep giving solutions which are over my head.
And I think I am standing at a dead end,
I am very close to giving up now,
And will forget everything that happened.
Like I said, “I won’t believe in signs,
Nor believe the shooting star that dazzles the Northern sky”.

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