If I Ever Try To Narrate My Past

If I ever try to narrate my past

Going through the script will be a must.

Full of random words in ugly handwriting,

Subconsciously written devoid of any meaning.

And in the middle of these lines, you won’t understand what I am trying to say.

But trust me it’s what I’ve been doing every day!

Building walls was the worst thing I ever did.

Well, it’s what you may think!

But it was the best for me

As self-doubting has made things hard for me to fit.

But there came a happy moment

So happy I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Got so afraid that I prayed to the Almighty to break my heart.

Well, heartbreaks suck!

But sadness is better, you get to feel more.

Perhaps, clinging to sadness makes me less anxious.

But I hate the feeling, the feeling of being obnoxious.

Pretending to be a pessimist never made me less optimist.

Well, expectations hurt!

So I try to wish myself better luck next time.

And luck surely has been a mirage for me!

Well, my story has just started and I am still alive and breathing,

But if I die soon then to complete the story will you think of something?

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