Every morning I tried to think,
Every passing moment I hoped,
Everything is back to normal
Everything is falling into places where they should be.
I kept being wrong,
I kept being thrown,
To that very same room,
To that hazy night,
All those feelings of mild disparity.
Thoughts and dreams which couldn’t be seen properly.
And when I asked The One the meaning of these?
Of course, no answer as I have known it always has been.
Haven’t I prayed to keep me away from things which were never meant to be?
Haven’t I cried enough to let me be the way I’ve always been?
Haven’t I asked for solutions which have always been right for me?
Now should I renounce my beliefs and just leave?
Maybe I’m over-thinking too much and complicating things,
But wasn’t I pushed this far?
Broken promises and reminiscence that still sting?
Long I knew, I shouldn’t pick broken pieces of glasses and mend them on my own,
Well, now I am bleeding and all I can do is to blame my own fortune.
And these voices kept shrieking growling
Telling me I am walking in a path where I shouldn’t be.
And now I’m standing before a mirror that is dated back from the past century.
My own reflection staring back at me,
Asking if I have grown into that very same person, I swore I would never be.

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