A wish to get lost

The boat kept moving and the waves thrashed,
White fathoms,
No sign of mermaids.
Coz it’s reality or maybe worse,
Where past memories lie in sparse.
Green woods, different shades of greens and blues
On both sides.
Wood that is dark, holds millions of stories and confines.
A silence I could hear that kept calling by my name.
No matter how many times I shouted in the crowd
No one heard,
Of course now I am not the same.
Dead trees here and there made the woods more alive
I guess I’ll have to hold onto my dead memories to help me survive.
An Eagle flew over my head with wings like wind chime,
Made me realize that all this time I thought the fault was only mine.
At the sunset, Deer were playing by the riverside,
This is the place I truly belong I told myself where I will thrive.
Sound of dry leaves and birds which are hardly seen and a little understood
Like the way they talked about morality and don’t follow it the way they should.
I wished if I could hold time and make it mine,
The way they hurt and pretended that everything should be fine!
Let me not forget about the things that drove me into the wild,
Let me not pursue to go back in the society filled with people and their so called modesty,
I begged.

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সেশন: ২০১৬ - ২০১৭