May the odds be in your favour


I have got so many memories bound to your whole existence.
Papyrus to me is like the rustling sounds of inscribed parched papers and a woodsy fragrance.
It is the only place where I store my precious memories and words, I cannot cry out loud.
My own happy place, where I talk about my thoughts and the days that have passed away.

I have heard that this magazine had an offline version but I only got the chance to know its online version. For some unknown reasons I can feel the papers on my hand when I read Papyrus in the computer. The online version of Papyrus was published in 18th April, 2019. And the memories are still fresh in my mind. I can reminisce the day, the feeling when I first heard that writings are being called for Papyrus and I thought, “I want to be a part of this magazine.”

I was never really a good writer; well actually I never thought that I would write at all. And when it comes to poetry! Oh my!! I never liked poetry that much. But I don’t know why I wanted to be a writer. I guess fate has its own mesmerising turns. I was in the first meeting which was held to let the students of Statistics Department know about the magazine. And when the meeting was going on, some verses of a poem crossed my mind. And I wrote those lines down. But the thing is, Papyrus never had an English section. And the poem I wrote was in English. Then I got to know that Papyrus prefers Bengali. So, it was really sad for me and the thing about poem is, if you translate the poem, it loses its essence!

As I mentioned earlier, I never was a good writer and for some reasons, I don’t actually know why but I could not write a poem in Bengali. I was really disappointed but then I contacted with a member of Papyrus and he assured me that they will open a section for English writings. Later they actually published my poem and it was the first time my writing got published in a magazine. Finally, I stored some of my thoughts in a safe place where it wouldn’t go blur, I thought.

Afterwards, I started working as a volunteer in Papyrus. I have been working here for approximately 2 years. I have seen its good days and bad days, and days I thought this magazine won’t go on for long. But now look at it, it is here today and I’m writing about it.

Now, I’m mainly in charge of adding feature pictures for a writing as it needs a thumbnail. It is sometimes a very easy task to do or a very pathetic one depending on how hard it is to capture the inner meaning of the writing. But I love my role. I love working with pictures, finding out the inner meanings of the writings.

Papyrus, I have got so much to say but so little capability to write them down. So, all I have left to say about you is that I wish you grow beyond this department and people all over will appreciate you. Papyrus, you gave me the chance to get to know myself, what I like, and my favourite fragments of memories. You are something that I won’t describe only as a mere online magazine but a quiet listener, listening to me when I’m in despair. I wish you a good luck. May the odds be in your favour, my love.

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