Butterfly: An Inspiring Insect

Recently, I had travelled from Rangpur to Dhaka by train while I saw a butterfly crossing the Jamuna river. It was a sunny windy day and it was really tough for a delicate insect to fly against the wind. The butterfly was using the force of wind to make a consistent drive. It made me think how a little creature evolved itself for survival. To me, it was the consistent effort which would allow the butterfly to be successful. Since then I am not afraid of facing any distressed situation and learnt that consistency with devotion can bring success.

An image of colorful fluttering insects comes to our mind after hearing the word butterfly. It truly reflects the spectrum of colors of nature. Each wing of a butterfly is like a crisscrossed network of color. Human life is also colorful if we think it in that way. Every stage of human life has its own beauty; every culture depicts a history; every language has a connection. Humans have an undivided origin and it resembles diverse colors for different adaptations. When we look into the beauty of butterflies, we understand that difference is the beauty. This understanding can eliminate the intercultural conflict of humans and bring harmony.

The lifecycle of a butterfly itself is an inspiration to us. From birth to death, a butterfly undergoes four stages. The early three stages resemble preparing to face the real world. To enjoy life, a well-planned preparation with necessary energy and vigor are prerequisite. After hatching from an egg, the caterpillar stores energy through taking food and later on protects itself by creating a shell around it. We also need to be prepared with education, skills and qualities to face the struggle of life.

Butterflies are symbols of freedom. They fly like free spirits but before that they have to transform. Transformation is a long metamorphic process for growth and change. This can be called rebirth that costs a lot of energy, time and resources. But, the taste of new life is much more exciting. Human life is adaptive and it changes in every moment. Change is crucial to feel the color, sunshine and beauty of nature. We need to acclimatize ourselves to sense the positive effects of change. Butterflies are constantly proving the quote of Janet Singer’s- “The only constant is change”.            

Butterflies inspire people to see their lives from different angles. People have been motivated to write poems, songs and literature years after years but yet not got bored. Not only that, but a butterfly also teaches us to help others as it helps our nature through contributing in pollination. It performs its job to the world. Likewise, we cannot avoid our tasks and responsibilities to our families, to our society and to our country. The butterfly lives a short life, but still it has so many inspirational perspectives to us.

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